As guided by the Keppel Group’s Code of Conduct, the Group considers it important that employees understand the rules of conduct the Group operates and which they are accountable and the consequences of non-adherence to the rules, thus the Code of Conduct is disseminated to all employees of Keppel Group here and abroad.

  1. Conflict of Interest
    Employees must avoid any conflict between their own interests and the interest of the Group. This includes transaction in securities of the Group, any affiliate, and any non-affiliate organization, in dealing with suppliers, customers and other third parties.  Employees are required to declare immediately any immediate relationship with the Director or the CEO, direct reporting relationships between an employee and his immediate family members, any ownership interest in any supplier, customer, etc.

  2. Conduct of Business and Fair Dealings
    This addresses standards of ethical business behavior including anti-corruption, the offering and receiving of gifts, hospitality and promotional expenditures and dealings with Keppel associates.

  3. Receipt of Gifts from Third Parties
    While it is recognized that giving and receiving gifts and hospitality payments may help in the building of business relationships, good judgment must be exercised at all times.  The offer and receipts of gifts, hospitality or expense must be avoided whenever they could affect or perceived to affect the outcome of business transactions or dealings, or are not reasonable and bona fide.  Employees should avoid giving or receiving of gifts or hospitality (including entertainment, meals, tickets to social, entertainment or sports events, etc) which is excessive in value, given too often, or leaves the employee or (as the case may be) the other person in a position of obligation.  Gifts in the form of cash or cash equivalent should be avoided.

  4. Compliance with Laws & Regulations
    To conduct business with integrity, fairly and impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  In conducting our business, integrity must underline all relationships, including those with customers, suppliers, communities and employees.  In this connection, employees are required to have the strength to do what they believe to be right in difficult situations.

  5. Respect for Trade Secrets/Use of Non-public Information

  6. Use of Company Funds, Assets and Information
    Employees must always act in the best interests of the  Company; must at all times act honestly and use reasonable care, skill and diligence in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities; should not place himself in a position where his duty to the relevant Group company and his personal interest may conflict; must employ the powers and assets that they are entrusted with for the purposes authorized by the relevant Group Company;  must not make improper use of any information acquired by virtue of his position to gain advantage for himself or for any other person or to cause detriment to a Group Company.

  7. Employment & Labor Laws & Policies
    Management and employees adheres to the government regulations and standards.

  8. Disciplinary Action
    Appropriate disciplinary action, including suspension or termination of employment, will be taken in the event that an employee is found to have violated the rules of conduct of the Company.

  9. Whistle-Blower
    The purpose of this policy is to encourage the reporting in good faith of suspected reportable conduct by establishing clearly defined processes through which such reports may be made with confidence that employees and other persons making such reports will be treated fairly and, to the extent possible, protected from reprisal.  It should be noted however that employees and other persons who file reports or provide evidence which they know to be false, or without a reasonable belief in the truth and accuracy of such information, will not be protected by this policy and may be subject to administrative and/or disciplinary action including termination of employment and other contract, as the case may be.

  10. Conflict Resolution
    In all instances, the Company retains the prerogative to determine the circumstances warrant an investigation and, in conformity with the policy and applicable laws and regulations, the appropriate investigative process to be employed and corrective or remedial actions to take.